Home Decor | 26 October, 2021

Deepavali or Diwali is considered to be one of the most significant festivals of India.

Popularly known as "festival of lights”, Diwali is celebrated throughout the length and breadth of our country with great pomp and glamour with oil lamps adorning the streets during the new-moon night and families travelling to meet each other.

As celebrations normally happen with friends and family visiting often, here are some quick and simple hacks that will help you give your home a festive look.

Curtain call!

Allow your curtains to be the main attraction. Add bright colours or sparkly ones between two brightly coloured drapes. This will instantly transform your room into a festive environment and give off a cheery vibe.


Let there be lights!

Lots of it! You can use various items, such as customary earthen diyas or cute, modern-looking fairy lights. Then there is the classic, yet trendy lantern. Place the diyas along the walls of the lobby and in the corners of the drawing room. Fairy lights can be wrapped around mirrors or stacked and placed in any corner. This will immediately brighten the room.



Flower power!

Allow your celebrations to make room for flowers. You can choose simple garlands to hang in your hallways or place them in any corner of your room in a small decorative bowl.


Make way for metallic accents!

These can be anything from metallic wall frames to brass vases to stunning silverware. You can trust these items to make your home look a lot more glamorous!

We wish you all a joyous Diwali and warm salutations for the holiday season. May our spirits be as vibrant as JSW Paints' 1808 shade offering! What's more intriguing is that all of our shades cost the same. This is happening for the first time in India. Are you interested? Call 1800-121-5797.


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