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Colourvista Senses Retail Store by JSW Paints
Colourvista Senses

JSW Paints presents Colourvista Senses

Inspired by real homes, A first of its kind retail experience store,
it is designed to assist consumers in the colour and product selection.
JSW Paints Colourvista Senses - A Retail Store

Home like feel with a comfortable environment

Experience a store that represents the core spaces of a home - living room, kitchen, bedroom and balcony with seasonal themes of colour and décor.

Colourvista Senses - A Retail Store by JSW Paints

Human-Centered Design

An extensive research led approach and understanding of Indian consumers’ needs, mind journey and how they choose paints/colours for their homes.

Colourvista Senses - A JSW Paints Retail Store

Life like visualisations

Tune-able colour changing lights (warm to white) throughout the store, because every home has a different mood! Visualise colours on large, life size screens of 70 inches and experience colours on various real surfaces such as walls, ceilings, doors, windows and kitchen cabinets too because every element of the store is painted with a JSW Paints product!

Buddy Assist

Connect with a JSW Paints Buddy to schedule a Colourvista Senses store visit

We are just a call away

A JSW Paints Buddy will be at your doorstep to assist you with your paint and painting related queries.


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