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Christmas is a beautiful festival. While there is a dip in the air, but the love, kindness and joy warms our bones. This is the time of the year which everyone enjoys. Christmas makes our homes feel magical and brings much joy and laughter.

Christmas home décor has a panic set up in, clam down, here is some of the quick Christmas decoration ideas for you. Those who are running out of budget and time, here are some DIY ideas, items from your own home you can create something beautiful & holiday spaces instantly. Balancing a festive attitude with a sustainable midst, investing in products and styling the décor. There are some of the interesting creative themes which can uplift your home décor for this Christmas and New Year!

Most beautiful time of the year isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. They turn any space into a magical oasis. A tall Christmas tree standing tall, topped off with the sparkling golden star or the good vibe winged angel, the tree is decorated with colourful decorative items all over. We say, don’t break with the tradition, but go all creative, quirky and unique Xmas decorations for this year. These few Christmas tree alternatives might add some personality to any space.

Transforming your Living Room with the magical touch of Christmas


The Christmas tree is the show stopper. Standing tall, decorated with colourful shiny LED lights with a delicate winged angel hanging on the edge of the tree, topped with sparkling star on the top, the Christmas tree is filled with the holy spirit.

We say do not break the tradition, but go all funky and quirky, with colourful decorations this Christmas festival. Handmade decorations, buntings, hanging lamps, hand painted glass bottles with fairy lights inside them. Celebrate a different type of Christmas this year.

If you are not going along with the traditional Christmas decor type or you’ve just determined you’re not messing with untangling lights this year? Then here are a few suggestions which can completely change your living room giving it a Christmas touch.



Isn’t it cute? It’s so easy to have such fun holiday vibes at home. Similarly, you can create it with tassels and some cut fabrics waste pieces or simple string lights and some gift wraps. Minus the worry that your little ones that your little ones will knock over a conventional tree.




Need a space efficient way to bring holiday spirit to your home? Affixing of all the elements of traditional Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and a star to your wall.



Why settle for red, green and white? When we can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow? Try covering dried twigs with vibrant color hues all over. A Christmas tree alternative that can make you smile for all year long.



If you like the idea of the Christmas tree but you are not a loud vibrant personality, then this is another creative way of representing the one. It has High contrast palette. This set up gives the festive tradition a new minimalist twist.

Not the traditional decor type or you’ve just determined you’re not messing with untangling lights this year?

Christmas Decor for your Dining space


The dining table will be the star of the Christmas meal and hence it deserves an equal attention to detail. Red and white color theme is also followed at the dining table with glass elegant crookery. As Xmas centrepiece, you can put together an easy fragranced candle stand and, voila! You have perfect table setting for the Christmas feast.

Christmas Decor for your Kitchen


Kitchen cabinets can also be with the red and white color combination with pops of green. Dull corners can be lighted up with the brightness of the candle light with fragranced aroma in the house. Also you can easily swap the old ordinary plates with the new red ones to complete the Christmas kitchen décor.

Some Christmas tips which can add magical effect in nooks and corner of the home.


Embellishing the staircase is effortless but amplifies the mesmerism of Christmas.

Apart from the rooms, you can easily inspire Christmas spirit into any nook and corner of your home. If you have a staircase running down of your home, don’t forget to drape an wide – ranging Christmas garland with the beautiful Mestletoe a symbol of love, happiness and progress along with the fairy lights. You can further decorate the staircase with the buntings, candies and socks for a lively look.

Light some Candles

Lighting really sets the mood and completely changes the ambience. A bunch of lighted up candles look great on a piece of table or any piece of furniture in your home, as a bonus one can set the mood with great fragrances like cinnamon, rose, green apple etc.

Add some throws and holiday pillows

Adding cosy blankets and pops of gold, red, green or any other fun bright colors is a great way to add warmth to your home décor.

Scope with Handmade decorative items



Handmade, DIY decorations are sometimes the best options, easy and can be created with less efforts and pocket friendly too. A corner of the house with homemade lanterns with old glass bottles with fairy lights in them, some of them simply painted gives a quirky and festive look.

Colors for festive season

We can think of some beautiful color combinations for our home interiors. Colors from our fandeck which are inspired from this festive season are, Angle of the Sun, Bundle of Joy, Conifer Pine, Conscious Green, Crisp Ribbon, Crochet Lace, Delightful White, Democracy Red, Drifting Aroma, Everlasting Green, Exotic Wine, Fairy in the Mist, Red Jasper, Red Sangria, Tasty Treats, Winter Time, Blissful Vineyard. These colors can be used for home interiors to give the magical vibe of Christmas!

These tiny touches can lit up your home and help you create a majestic experience for a cosy Christmas. You deserve a perfect ambience for your home at the end of the year which will amplify the festive vibes. Be ready to welcome love, happiness, joy and peace for the coming year along with a ball full of surprises from the Santa Claus too!

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