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Every home deserves a delightful makeover, especially during the holiday season. As Indians, we strive to decorate our homes passionately during the holiday season, from painting to decorating our homes. In September, the festive season truly begins with Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, followed by Diwali. India flaunts its opportunity to commemorate all of these festivals consecutively, culminating with Christmas in December. Festivals are times for exuberant celebrations, sharing the joy and decorating homes.

JSW Paints shares a few festive ideas to revamp your home this festive season to add to your décor ideas.

Introducing an accent wall

The accent wall draws attention to a part of the room that may make it appear uplifted. It adds a sense of excitement to the décor of your home. In terms of colours, texture, and patterns, each of these stands out in its own way. Because your home is one-of-a-kind, your accent wall should be one-of-a-kind as well.

Colours for the festive season

Brown Accent

While painting your home, introduce a bright and rich colour palette with a touch of culture and tradition. Metallic colours such as gold, silver, and copper are in high demand for interior walls that create a traditional aura. Warmer shades of yellow, orange and red are associated with Indian tradition and can create a festive vibe at home and make bold statements. We can come up with some lovely interior paint colour combinations for your home's interiors. You can consider shades from our fan deck inspired by the holiday season, Indian tradition, and culture.

The combination of colours like medium orange, full moon, pale chrome yellow is ideal for a magnificent festive celebration. It complements the environment and enhances the festive spirit. Keep grey curtains on hand to complement this lovely and delicate colour scheme. A combination of ritual white, festive confetti, pale brown and cream white is ideal. Brown may appear out of place. But when combined with creamy tones, it creates an elegant look.


Festive Lights

Add lights everywhere! Lighting is essential in creating a dramatic atmosphere in the area. Make sure your space is brightly lit and filled with positivity. It is worthwhile to think about enhancing the beauty of your home. Using diyas, LED lights, fairy lights, disco lights, and candles to decorate your home brings beauty to your space.


Festive Decor

Adding accessories to your interior home décor is one of the simplest ways to create a festive ambiance inside your home. Mirrors and artwork serve to enhance the beauty of your home. Brass lamps and antiques add a touch of elegance to your living space. A colourful rangoli adds beauty to the entrance of your home and contributes to the mood of the festival.

End the monotony by introducing a festive vibe. JSW Paints brings you exciting home décor ideas to celebrate the festival of lights with vibrant colours that elevate the festive spirit.

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