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Home Decor | 19-01-2024

Republic Day Decor: Redefining Your Home with Saffron, White, and Green Hues

As Republic Day 2024 approaches, the vibrant tricolour of saffron, white, and green takes centre stage in our hearts, symbolizing the rich tapestry of India's diversity and unity. Beyond the parades and patriotic fervour; these colours can find a permanent place in your home, adding a touch of elegance and national pride. Let's explore how you can infuse the spirit of Republic Day into your living space with the symbolic saffron, white, and green hues.

1. Saffron Serenity:

ESaffron, the colour of courage and sacrifice, brings warmth and vibrancy to any space. Integrate this hue into your home with carefully selected furnishings, such as throw pillows, rugs, or curtains. Consider a saffron accent wall in the living room or bedroom to create a focal point that exudes energy and positivity. This bold and regal colour can also be incorporated through artwork, vases, or small decor items, striking a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary style.

Adorn your walls with a combination of 5075 (Just Forged) on the accent wall and 2121 (Evensong) on the adjacent walls adding the perfect glam to your space.
A different light tonality within the saffron family will perfectly deck up your space. Pair up
2143 (Light Tan) with 2492 (Up and Up) or,
3113 (Clay Biscuit) with 4071 (Raw Wood) or,
2166 (Candy Crush) with 4051 (Clarity)
A beautiful Horizon Effect with our Vogue Fashionable walls will also combine nature and the Indian tricolour in your home.

Colour Combinations

  1. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors - 2084 Apricot Breezer
    Top Coat: Vogue Effectiq - 3172 Studio Pottery + 2147 Angel Fish + 5161 Leader of the Pink
  2. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors 2282 Hint of Desire Top Coat: Vogue Effectiq - 3293 Tea Time Mauve + 2416 Tranquility Time + 3425 Upper Ganges

2. White Elegance:

White, representing truth and peace, is a timeless choice for home décor. This colour effortlessly adds an air of sophistication and serenity to your living space. Embrace the purity of white with crisp linens, cushions, or drapes. Incorporate white furniture, such as cabinets, coffee tables, or even accent chairs, to create a clean and sophisticated look. White walls provide a versatile backdrop for other colours, allowing you to experiment with different decor elements.

Adorn your space with a combination of charming classic whites for a tranquil, harmonious look.
1021 (Snow Drift) with 2446 (House Boat View),
1092 (Evening Sonnet) with 2236 (Drifting Petals),
1142 (Lacy Lavender) with 2336 (Talking Flowers),
1182 (Romantic Blur) with 3444 (Sailing Tide).
Vogue Orbital Effect inspired from the Ashok Chakra can make your space lively

Colour Combinations

  1. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors – 2285 First Kiss
    Top Coat: Effectiq - 3334 Mirrored Sky
  2. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors – 2564 Natural Sage
    Top Coat: Vogue Effectiq - 2173 Open Secret

Green Harmony:

Green, the colour of faith and fertility, brings a sense of harmony to your home. Integrate this tranquil hue through indoor plants, accent walls, or upholstery. Consider botanical prints for your cushions or curtains, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Indoor plants not only add a refreshing vibe but also contribute to a healthier living environment. From large potted plants to small succulents, there are various options to suit your space and style.

Make your space energetic and vibrant with a contrast of 5276 (Malabar Childhood) on your feature wall paired with 1134 (Pearl Reflection).

A lighter and mid green tonality with different colour combinations will create a warm cozy ambience in your space.
2605 (Green Glade) with 2011 (Pale Morning),
4292 (Still Quiet) with 4011 (Patience),
3523 (Starting Drizzle) with 4133 (Contemplative)
Celebrate the victory of our nation with the shooting Vogue Meteors Effect on your walls.

Colour Combinations:

  1. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors – 3442 Teal Boat
    Top Coat: Vogue Effectiq - 5268 Bus Green
  2. Base Coat: Halo Majestic Interiors – 3483 Mermaid Song
    Top Coat: Vogue Effectiq - 3596 Pagoda Green

4. Tricolor Harmony:

For a true celebration of Republic Day 2024, combine saffron, white, and green in a harmonious ensemble. Think about tricolour wall art, cushions, or bedspreads that showcase the essence of the Indian flag. Opt for furniture pieces that feature these colours in a balanced manner, creating a cohesive and patriotic theme throughout your home. Don't shy away from experimenting with different shades and patterns to achieve a unique and personalized look.

DIY Décor:

Engage in some do-it-yourself projects to infuse the spirit of Republic Day 2024 into your home. Create tricolour wall hangings, flower arrangements, or candle holders using saffron, white, and green materials. Not only will these DIY creations add a personal touch to your home, but they will also reflect your commitment to celebrating India's rich heritage.


As we approach Republic Day, let the tricolour of saffron, white, and green redefine your home, weaving a narrative of unity in diversity. From saffron accents to the purity of white and the tranquillity of green, these colours can transform your living space into a patriotic haven. Embrace the spirit of the nation within the walls of your home and celebrate the essence of Republic Day every day.


1. Can the use of these colors be a long-term decor choice, or are they more suited for temporary Republic Day celebrations?

The choice of wall colors like saffron, white, and blue can certainly be a long-term decor choice, and it doesn't have to be limited to temporary Republic Day celebrations. These colors are associated with a variety of themes and can evoke different moods depending on how they are used and combined.

2. Are there specific paint shades that represent saffron, white, and green for a Republic Day theme?

Yes. For example Saffron : 5075 (Just Forged) , White : 1021 (Snow Drift) , Green : 5276 (Malabar Childhood). For more such shades please visit our website

3. How can I make the Republic Day theme a part of my home temporarily for the occasion?

To incorporate a Republic Day theme into your home temporarily for the occasion, you can focus on using the colors of the national flag (saffron, white, and blue). You can use saffron, white, and blue as your primary color scheme for decorations. Decoration can be done with patriotic-themed items such as tricolor flowers, candles, or vases. Similar decorations can be done for dining table setting, wall décor etc.

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