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Halo Majestic Exteriors - Silk
Protection that goes a long way

Halo Majestic Exteriors Silk, is an excellent emulsion for exterior walls with a silk finish which provides an active defense against algae, fungus, cracking, peeling and dirt pick up for exteriors, and provides the best-in-class weather resistance. So that your freshly painted exterior stays looking new even in extreme weather and sunlight year after year.


9 Years Endurance
Anti Algal
Dirt Resistant
Elegant Sheen
Paint & Primer
Weather Resistant

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  •  Compliant to VOC requirement for Paints for LEED rated buildings1
  •  No Algal growth as per ASTM Test D5589-09 (2013)6
  •  UV Block as per QUV Test7


1 Compliant to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) VOC criteria as per IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) as tested at National Test House, Mumbai. 2 Compliant to GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Criterion 26 on Low VOC Interior Paints as tested at National Test House, Mumbai. 3 Compliant to Japanese Industrial Standard - JIS Z 2801: 2010 'Test for Anti-Bacterial Activity and Ecacy' as tested at Biotech Testing Services, Mumbai. 4No fungal growth when tested as per ASTM D5590: 2017 for 'Determining the Resistance of Paint Films to Fungal Defacement' as tested at Biotech Testing Services, Mumbai. 5 Resistance to stains when tested as per ASTM D4828: 94 (2012) for relative ease of removal of common soil and stains from interior coatings as tested at National Test House, Mumbai.



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