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Wall Texture Exteriors Tough Exteriors
Experience JSW Texture - The Tough Exteriors

Specially designed as an intermediate coating to make your walls look aesthetically beautiful through a range of engraved finishes. Textured finish formulated with high-quality exterior durable acrylic modified resin and reinforced with quartz sand. It is a completely environmentally friendly product with low VOC levels.

Resistant to water and offers excellent protection against humidity, rain and variable climates, thereby ensuring long-term protection of your walls.


All Weather Durability
Anti Algal
Hides Cracks
High Bonding
Low Maintenance
Plaster Protection
Released Trapped Moisture
Product Information
Colour White
Coverage (on normal masonry surface by a trowel to obtain an even coating of ~2mm)

2.5-3.0 sq.ft./kg/coat

0.9-1.4m2/kg/2 coats

Drying Time*
(30°)C @ 60R/H
Surface Dry -30-60 minutes
Recoat - 12-16 hours
Flash Point N/A
Sheen Level N/A
Binder Type Acrylic Modified Resin
Thin with Not recommended
VOC levels~ <20 gms/kg


Inspiration Gallery

Marble Finish

At the cusp of Renaissance and Mughal architectural styles lies our pattern, Astoniq. It is marbled, classical, and era-defining. So, if you too are inspired to adorn your home with a slice of history, feature this pattern in the social spaces within your home and let it spark the most fascinating conversations.

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