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Home Decor | 05-01-2023

Glam up your walls with Vogue from JSW Paints

New year is considered to be one of the biggest celebrations in India.The new year comes with a lot of changes but changing your entire house can be a challenge but changing a few elements can give it a fresh revamped look. Enter the year with our exclusive pick of home paint colours for 2023. You can select a favorite corner of your house or even pick a few walls which can be highlighted as the main element of attraction thus adding new year vibe to your house .

Glam up your walls with our unique, stylish, youthful and flamboyant finishes which are a visual representation of luxury in its most contemporary form. Vogue is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and culture, to bring fashion alive on your walls. You can feature our vogue effects like, Bandhej, Ikat, Horizons, Orbital, Meteors, Thatches, Blaze, Stacks on your walls. These finishes come in multiple color combinations each and you can pick the best one suiting to your wall color shades. These finishes are designed to delight your space and these accent walls can add a New Year vibe to your home.

Vogue will enable you to transform your walls with a variety of innovative HD Patterns and creative effects, propped with the latest trending colours in Vogue Effectiq and Vogue Metalliq which are in Gold, Silver and Copper bases. Some Metalliq shades would glam up the space and add festive vibe to your home.

Vogue Logo

This New Year you can decorate the accent walls with our recommended effects as they represent tradition, culture, spark of light and infinity happiness.

From our Vogue fashionable walls collection, we suggest Orbital effect which is inspired from Orbital pattern in the space. When you can be a part of the space aesthetics trend this New Year, why choose anything else? Channel your living room space with space-fashion expert as you turn your home into an intergalactic wonder with the Vogue Orbital pattern and see the universe in the new light discovering an out of the world patterns all over your walls. Flaunt it on the walls and accentuate it with different shades to liven up our space.

Meteors effect which is inspired from meteors and if astronomy fascinates you, here is our Meteor pattern which is right up your alley. It is meticulously designed to replicate the mesmerizing beauty of a meteoroid shower. Decorate your bedroom walls with this trendy pattern and feel its luxuriousness permeating your home with fascinating patterns of astronomy

Blaze is inspired from fire which embodies passion, creativity and confidence. If these words speak to you, our Blaze pattern is the style for you. Since it’s a celebration of the New Year and the weather is cold and chill embrace and experiment your walls with vibrant colours and monotones with our blazing walls. Let your bold choices fire up your wall. Be ablaze with the passion on your wall.

Horizon effect can be of a choice if you are a fan of pastels and mix-n-matching of colours. If yes, the Horizon pattern is the one for you. If you enjoy the serene look of the horizon, it’s an added perk! Experiment with this extravagant pattern to create an accent wall or use it to liven up any dull corner.

Get set for the most memorable New Year celebration this year! After all, it’s all about celebrating with your loved ones. Then what are you waiting for? Your New Year’s celebration can be dramatically transformed with magnificent decoration. Style up your walls with perfect background for taking photos and other props that will allow an interactive and fun way to capture the festivities and memories. Put up polaroid photographs of your families on the wall to make a photo collage and appreciate the cherishing moments of the year. Assemble the images in the pattern of the new year’s digits which will add the charm to the décor of the home.

Christmas decoration in a house Hanging Photographs

Pay attention to the lightings. Without some gorgeous illumination, New Year would not be complete. Consider adding ornamental lights, fairy lights, LED beautiful twinkling lights to style up for social gatherings and create a fantastic atmosphere. Pendant lights could simply brighten up the corners adding the charm to the vibe. DIY buntings can also be added to beautify the walls.

Festival Lamp Decoration Hanging Lights
String Lights Hanging Lantern Decoration Yellow String Lights

You can also create impact at windows and entrances with lanterns and ornate light fixers. Spice up the entrance naturally with some colourful floral planters. In this way you can blend in nature with the festive season and elevate the spirit of your home by making entrance more welcoming and give this New Year a zing to your home.

Let’s create memories in 2023 that will be cherished forever.

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