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Home Decor | 04-03-2022

popular colour combinations for home interior painting

Colours bring a different vibe and ambience to your room. Your home interior paint colours  represent interests, dislikes, and your personality. Colour  has the power to evoke different moods, vibes and each one of them tells a story. Hence, it ’s important to understand the impact of interior house paint  on a person and which colours work best together.

How about painting your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with modern colour combination schemes?

Creating rooms with fresh bright colours that energize and boost your mood will definitely help you get out of your bed, fresh and happy every morning. As we look forward to spacious and airy rooms, opt for light colours with pops of colour or artwork.

You can reverse the look and opt for neutral walls with a bold red accent wall for a neutral bedroom. Red draws attention like no other colour and radiates a strong and powerful energy that motivates you. It also provides warmth and is a symbol of strength. It holds the ability to lift your spirits and increases your enthusiasm. This home interior paint colour   is a healthy dose of optimism and brings an energetic vibe  .

Neutrals as an interior house paint   is legendry. You can use muted neutral tones for calming effects and a touch of elegance. Go ahead with white and beige tones for a classic look and throw in a few bold decorative items which will also help make the room feel bigger and wider.

Dark green paint is trending these days with muted grey tones. It brings a sense of calm and represents hope for a better future. You can add few accents to enhance the ambience of the room.

Coral shades bring a sense of calm and elegance. Painting an entire room with coral pink and white borders at the bottom gives it the perfect highlight. It ’s a monochrome theme with a single colour as a hero. White trim borders with white flooring adds a soft touch to the room.

Create ‘My Corner’ with a fresh breezy blue wall colour which goes along with white shimmery curtains. Give the little corner an antique feel with a rustic red tall table and a white chair. This corner brings a feeling of freshness and peace making it an ideal place to sit and spend some time reading in the afternoon.

Triple tone colour combinations are trending when it comes to interior house paint  as well. Bright contrast colours like orange and blue appeal to the youth and celebrates freedom.  

A lime green colour band passing in between the kitchen creates a fresh impact which breaks the neutral colour scheme of white walls with charcoal grey cabinets. As lime green is associated with nature, it gives a fresh and healthy feel to the kitchen.

This dusted yellow shade painted across ¾th of the area with white above also works nicely when you incorporate accent pieces and contrasting bright colours. Interesting frames and stools accentuate the earthy personality.

A highlighted pastel colour arch with a navy-blue interior punctuates the depth and gives the room a playful contrasting touch.

A very popular colour combination of bright orange accents with white for a home interior paint in South Indian homes brings warmth and joy. It is known as a ‘Cult Classic’ combination. It encourages positivity in life, and is youthful and energetic.

Bold, neutral, contrast, pastel, warm, cool, monotonous, dual, tertiary combinations add drama to your home’s interiors. Beautiful interiors give an inviting feel to your home. These are a few popular interior colour combination suggestions from our ‘Interior Colourvista Shade Palette’.

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