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Home Decor | 21-10-2022

Diwali Décor Across India

Diwali is a grandiose festival celebrated in many parts of India by people of various faiths. They celebrate it by lighting 'diyas' around the house and adorning the exterior walls with bright and colourful fairy lights. Not to forget, dinner parties, that are filled with feasts and delectable sweets. But this Diwali, let your home interior design be the main attraction!

With Diwali around the corner, the first step is to prepare and clean your home for the never-ending celebrations. After which you can ramp up your Diwali decor by experimenting with new ideas and decorations from across India. As you are aware, our country is diverse, and so is the house interior design in various parts of the country.

Diwali Diya

Southern Indian states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, among others, involve a touch of tradition and their roots in their interior design for any festival. In a Kerala-style interior design, you can find brass in various forms such as uruli, nilavilakku, kindi, and bowls. Brass diyas are the main decor item in southern states during Diwali to light up the entire home. While being inspired by Kerala-style living rooms with terracotta floors, brick walls, and brass accessories, accentuate your walls with colours of JSW Paints such as Quiet Harmony, Ayurveda, Waterside Haven, Land's Tapestry, and Coconut Groove. Incorporate a lush green and tropical vibe into your living room designs that match the Kerala style and add pretty waterfall lights to complete the festive vibe.


Moving up to central states such as Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, people here love to go vibrant for their interior decoration, which reflects the essence of tribes, arts, crafts, and more. You can replicate the same aesthetic in your home interior design by adding craft pieces and painting your walls in bright colours such as Sunflower Girl, Radiant Mood, Things in Bloom, and so on. Add traditional Diwali decor items as well as some pop colours to the furnishings, such as bright orange pillows and a multi-coloured tableware or bedsheets.

Diwali Bedroom Décor


Western India is no less in its glamour quotient as well! The rustic and nature-inspired shades add up to traditional Gujarati house interior design decoration. Gujarati inspired decoration emphasises light, so the decor includes chandeliers, fancy light fixtures, antique-styled diya stands, etc.

For Rajasthani-style room decoration, choose low or floor seating, and decor elements such as dancing puppets, handicrafts, and antiques that reflect the state's age-old tales and traditions. And paint your walls with royal colours like Show Stopper, Desert Safari, Roja Rosa, Very Purple, etc. to embrace the Rajasthani-style interior design.

Rajasthani Puppets Indoor Lantern



Diwali celebrations in eastern India - Odisha, West Bengal, and north-eastern states - reflect the region's diverse local decorations, displaying the festival's vibrant and colourful spirit. Amongst them, the Assam-type house interior design showcases traditional bamboo works mixed with the touch of modern aesthetics. Spruce up your walls with earthy and vibrant colours like Native Land, Fiery Start, and Golden Hearth, especially in your living room, and light earthen lamps around the house, along with some bamboo artefacts. And there you have it: a replica of the interior design of an Assam-type house.

Traditional Bamboo Works


North India celebrates Diwali with zeal and splendour. Colourful ceramic tiles adorn the home entrance decor of Punjabi houses, and traditional textiles such as 'dhurrie' floor rugs make beautiful wall art, and exude the vivacity of Punjabi home decor. Along with these elements, add a more festive touch with rangolis, marigold jhoomars, fancy decorated matkas, and colourful diyas.

States such as Kashmir, have a distinct flavour in terms of decor, with handicrafts created by local artisans. Kashmiri bedroom and living room design incorporate intricate arts and crafts, papier-mâché artwork, and the magnificent Kashmiri carpet. Recreate the Kashmiri beauty in your home to capture their festive feels. To further clone the Srinagar or Kashmir house design, embellish your walls with colours like Sunny Things, Elemental Nature, Intense Rose, and Mesmerising.

Flower decor Kashmiri carpet

From the joyous and upbeat atmosphere of the North to the elaborate customs and traditions of the South, from the excitement and glee of the West to the vibrant and lively spirit of the East, Diwali truly lights up the homes of entire India with its colourful rangolis, diyas, gifts, delicious food, and family time. On this Diwali, make your celebrations more memorable with JSW Paints and reinvent the beauty of your homes inspired by diverse interior designs across India.

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