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The festive season in India begins in September, and with the waning monsoons, it is the perfect time to start preparing the home for the celebrations that begin. The largest surfaces of our home, and the ones that are visually the most prominent, are our walls. Painting our walls gives us that feeling of being festival ready! Let’s discuss the best paints, and also the best paint colours for your home this season!

What kind of Paint should you opt for?

There are several paints in the market, out of which water-based paints should be the only choice for every household. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for them.

1. Low Odour, sometimes odour free – The family can even stay indoors when the home is being painted.

2. Quick drying – Your home can easily be painted over the weekend.

3. Environment friendly – Low VOC levels or toxic levels means that it is the perfect choice for families.

4. Even though they cost more, water-based paints are durable. They can be cleaned easily using water and soap, and they retain their colour better over time.

With a strong commitment to the environment, and to the safety of our customers, the entire range of paints at JSW Paints is water-based.

What should be your main goals when painting for festivals and occasions?

When painting in anticipation for a traditional event or festival, it is wise to keep the following goals in mind

- we want the paint to set off the festive decor, not compete with it

- we want the paint to look great even when the festivities are over.

Most people tend to focus only on the festival or occasion they are painting for, and regret their choice when they have to live with it for the rest of the year. Let me help you avoid this mistake!

The best paint colours for Indian homes, 2021

Keeping the above goals in mind, I have identified 5 top and trending paint colours that will enhance our décor, be it during the festivities or all year through!

1. Off white

Home 1

Pic Credit: Chandana

Link : https://www.thekeybunch.com/chandanahometour/

Traditional though it may sound, off white and neutrals offer the most versatile palette for festivities. They also transition very well to every day décor. If you like traditional colours and decorating, this should be your first choice, as you can achieve just about any décor style through the rest of the year, by simply changing the soft furnishings and décor pieces.

color 1

2. Creamy yellow

home 2

Pic Credit: Sheela Dinakar

Link : https://www.thekeybunch.com/sheeladiwalihome/

A more sophisticated palette, this colour looks great with any kind of furniture. And that’s why it has made it to this list. It is also a colour common to both Indian and Western décor palettes. Most people shy away from white walls, and find yellow too dark. The fact that it is not white, nor yellow makes it a wonderful choice. This paint colour from JSW pants is the perfect creamy yellow shade, and will truly make your home look outstanding!

color 2

3. Mustard

home 3

Pic Credit: Jayalakshmy Krishna

Link : https://www.thekeybunch.com/jayalakshmy-diwalidecor/

Mustard is quintessentially Indian – and lends itself beautifully to wood and brass accents. In fact it is a very traditional colour, and always dramatizes the Indian look adequately. Opt for this gorgeous colour if your home continues to have hints of dark wood, gold or brass accents all year through.

color 3

We love this shade of mustard yellow from the JSW colour palette.

4. Taupe

Taupe or Grey-brown is an unconventional choice for Indian homes, yet with more and more Indians opting for modern décor and minimalism, grey walls are not so rare anymore. And contrary to what most people think, grey walls are wonderful backdrops to Indian festive décor. Yellow sets off taupe beautifully and you should consider adding yellow accents to your décor when you paint in taupe. Sophisticated yet basic, I think taupe makes for the perfect modern home colour that looks good with Indian décor too.

Festive Indian colours such as yellow and orange look stunning against a taupe wall.

home 4


Pic Credit: Bindu Joseph

color 4

5. Milky Rose

This color is suited for an accent wall rather than the whole room. It looks great against both Indian and western home decor styles. Surprised? Here’s coral and brass. Now tell me it won’t look good as a festive backdrop.

home 5

Pic Credit: Susan John

The thing about Milky Rose on your walls is that you can play around with your décor. It looks great as a backdrop for dark furniture, but it also rocks the white furniture look. Milky Rose and White make great bedfellows. So when the festivities are over and done with, you could rock the same wall with white accents. A word of caution. Keep your décor light but stunning around Milky Rose!

color 5


With work from home being the norm, our days are hopelessly monotonous. Painting for the festive season can infuse a sense of excitement into your household and a change of colour can do everyone good. Also, when you know your wall colour will look good through the year, you can look forward to changing the look by simply changing the soft furnishings or décor accents. Have fun decorating!

Author Bio

Sharon Dsouza is a Pune-based décor blogger, stylist and décor product designer. She is passionate about simple, doable home décor with an emphasis on comfort and smart storage.

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